Katkum Smart Home 4Node

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This is circuits4you’s own product.

Katkum Smart Switch 4 Node can make your existing lights, fans and other electrical fittings smart. It enables user to easily control your home electrical fittings using your mobile phone and Amazon Alexa. It is a retrofit device which is installed inside your Switch Board and can control 3 lights/fixtures and one fan. It also integrates with various 433Mhz Radio Frequency based Motion Sensors, Door Sensors and many more.

  • Works with Amazon Alexa.
  • 1 Year Warranty for complete Peace of Mind
  • Controls FAN speed.
  • No wiring changes required. Fits inside switchboard
  • Integrates with all 433 Mhz Motion Sensors, Touch Buttons, Remotes.
  • Supports Scenes to create Mood Lighting

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For installation instructions: Node4 Installation