IoT (ESP8266) Based Mood Lamp (RGB Color) Controller


Fully Assembled and Programmed IoT Based Mood Lamp Controller. This Circuit controls the color and brightness of RGB LED Strip over WiFi. Circuit makes both WiFi hotspot for controlling color of mood lamp and also it can connect to WiFi hotspot of your network.

Box Contents:

  1. Fully Assembled, Programmed and Tested Circuit Board as shown in picture. Part color may vary depending on stock.
  2. RGB LED Strip (3 LEDs)
  3. 12V 1Amp DC Power supply

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IoT Based Mood Lamp (RGB Lamp) Controller. This Circuit controls the color of RGB LED strip which is connected to output of the circuit. Circuit makes both WiFi hotspot for controlling Mood Lamp Color i.e. RGB LED Strip and also it can connect to WiFi hotspot of your network.

This project is consists of four parts

  1. Power Supply
  2. IoT Device ESP8266
  3. RGB LED Driver
  4. LED Driver which operate 12V DC Motor.

Block Diagram of IoT Based Mood Lamp (RGB Lamp) Controller

ESP8266 RGB LED Control
Block Diagram

Component List

  1. Node MCU Qty. 1
  2. 12V RGB LED Strip Qty.1
  3. L293D Qty. 1
  4. LM7805 TO220 Qty. 1
  5. 1N4007 Diodes Qty. 4
  6. Red LED 3mm Qty. 1
  7. 47uF/25V Capacitors Qty. 2
  8. 1000uF/25V Capacitor Qty. 1
  9. Connector Qty. 1
  10. IC Based 16-pin Qty. 1
  11. 12V 1Amp Power Supply Qty. 1

IoT Based Mood Lamp (RGB Lamp) Controller Circuit Diagram

IoT Based DC Motor Speed and Direction Controller

Note: Additional part of circuit is not used. such as MCP3204 and Relay.

PCB Layout

iot dc motor pcb

Component Side Layout

DC motor speed controller

Wiring Diagram

ESP8266 iot RGB LED Color Control
Connection Diagram


IoT Based Mood Lamp (RGB Lamp) Controller Program


Testing of Circuit

  1. Turn on circuit with 12V 1Amp Power supply
  2. Take your mobile and disconnect WiFi or Data Connections.
  3. Turn on WiFi and Look for WiFi network named as “iot-circuit” and connect. password not required.
  4. This WiFi Network is created by your IoT Mood Lamp Controller project.
  5. Open Web browser and Enter IP: Make sure your data connection is disabled.
  6. You will find below screen and start operating it. (Software is stored inside ESP8266)

    RGB LED Color Control Web
    Software Screen
  7. Click on Color Selector Button and then press SET to Set selected color on mood lamp i.e. RGB LED Strip.
  8. If you want to access it in your WiFi network and want to connect it to your wifi network.
  9. Click on settings. You will see these options.wifi setting
  10. Enter your network SSID and Password and Save it. This setting is saved in internal EEPROM. No need to set it again on power on reset.
  11. Reset the circuit with Power on off cycle.
  12. Open web browser in your laptop and enter http://iot.local . If device is connected to your WiFi hotspot then you can see mood lamp controller screens. Note down the IP is shown in below of this screen. Note: Android phone does not support local domain names. Use IP address to open the temperature controller panel. Api Key is not used in program.